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Introducing iPhone X – 10 Years of iPhone

Retail chief Angela Ahrendts talks ‘Today at Apple’ and more in video interview

Apple Orchard Road. Open Saturday 27 May

Its finally here! Singapore very own Apple Flagship Store – Apple Orchard Road

Are you ready for Apple Flagship Store in Singapore? Apple Loves The Little Red Dot

This time round its for real and will be unveiled this May!

South East Asia very first Apple Flagship Store, will be located at Knightsbridge mall in Orchard Road, which reportedly spans five storefronts and will occupy four storeys.

Another highlight of this store is that it will be using 100% clean energy from rooftop solar installations, and it will be installed by Singapore-based solar energy provider – Sunseap Group.

Apple Clips – Finally a new easier and fun way to post your videos online!!!

Official Site:

Apple News app designed for iOS – Probably the best way to view all your news within an app

Today on the Internet, there are simply too many news sources for you to read, but have you ever wondered what’s the best ‘unified’ way to view all your news within a place?

Not long ago Apple has released its first News app to provide a whole new experience on your iOS devices, some of the key features, include a For You tab, to help you find the stories that matter most to you. You can choose to subscribe to breaking news notifications, or even save some articles you like, and read it offline later.

News is currently available in USA only. Nevertheless, there is a legal hack, or rather settings you can do to activate the News app on your iOS devices. Its just 3 easy steps, with less than 3 mins.


How to install if you are outside of USA

1. Got to Settings -> General


2. Select ‘Language & Region’


3. Under Region Formats heading, select Region as United States


Fast Company – Apple’s Moment of Truth


Despite numerous occasions of Apple failing expectation, from Apple Map in 2012, videos of reviewers bending, and breaking the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay hasn’t become the standard for a cashless society, to the introduction of Apple Watch “is not the watch we expect from Apple.” Does this mean that the company is not moving forward or innovating hard enough? Especially with so many AI inspired products pouring into the market at the moment, such as Alexa from Google, Echos from Amazon. Apple products seem to fade off its magic? And Siri is sounding old now?

Below are 9 ways Tim Cook has transformed Apple:

  1. Apple controls its technology destiny
  2. Apple is a services company as well as a device company
  3. Apple means business
  4. Apple is a fashion brand
  5. Apple App Store is a marketing platform
  6. Apple has bought into public beta
  7. Apple is chasing new frontiers it may not be able to own
  8. Apple is a global financial power
  9. Apple embraces public Advocacy

To read more: Fast Company

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