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Introducing iPhone X – 10 Years of iPhone

WSJ: The Circle is Now Complete – Featuring Jony Ive

With Apple Park, Jony Ive has again brought Steve Jobs’s exacting design vision to life – this time to seed a permaculture of innovation at Apple headquarters. Be sure to find out how we can design space around us, and letting environment to shape us later. Read more

Naoto Fukasawa in Singapore for a Talk about “Found Muji” concept

Its a rare occasion for Japan renowned designer – Naoto Fukasawa to visit our Sunny island. And if not for the recent launched of Muji first flagship store @ Plaza Singapura in South-East Asia, I would not have this great opportunity to see and hear his talk in person. It’s a 2 hours talk + Q&A session. A Tote bag + gift card were given out to all audience as well.

According to Fukasawa san, Found Muji concept is about getting design to work at its core. He once said “The best designs are those that dissolve into behaviour.”, something that works in our daily life without us realising it.

A permanent exhibit display is currently available @ Muji Plaza Singapura, can head down to see the items that are found to contain some Muji elements around the World.

Where to find Funko Pop Toys in Singapore

Are you a Funko Pop! fans or collectors? Below are some sources I currently know of, feel free to recommend more.

Post last updated on: 29 Aug 2017

FUNKO Singapore (Retail)
Location: 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria #B1-02
Products: Funko Pop! Toys, Funko Licensed Products
Highlights: Whole store dedicated just for Funko Pop! toys, with many official Funko products such as Stack Protector and other side products

Simply Toys (Retail)
Vivocity Outlet: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-32/33, Singapore 098585
Bugis Junction Outlet: 200 Victoria Street, #03-10A, Singapore 188021
Plaza Singapura Outlet: 68 Orchard Road, #07-10/11A, Singapore 238839
Products: Funko Pop! Toys, Other brands for toys
Highlights: Carry quite a huge amount of Funko Pop! toys (especially the Vivocity outlet), including some very rare or exclusive ones. However, they may come a bit pricier if you don’t mind

Box Street (Retail)
Products: Funko Pop! Toys, Other products also
Highlights: Not a lot of Funko Pop! toys, however sometimes they may still take in a few rare or exclusive ones. Good luck!

Toy Outpost (Retail)
Products: Funko Pop! Toys, Other products also
Highlights: Not a lot of Funko Pop! toys, however sometimes they may still take in a few rare or exclusive ones. Good luck!

Toy or Game (Retail)
Products: Funko Pop! Toys, Other toy products and games
Highlights: Not a huge collection here, however you may still find some exclusive ones

Action City (Retail)
Products: Funko Pop! Toys (Mainly Marvel / DC), Other products also
Highlights: Limited to some Marvel / DC Funko Pop! toys

Carousell for Funko Pop! Collectors (Online/App)
Highlights: Looking for new and used Funko Pop! toys? This is one of my favourite places to discover them now! There are options whereby you can meet up with the sellers or get them mail to you

Toy Shop Online (Online/Shop)
Highlights: This is probably the only shop selling the cheapest Funko Pop! in Singapore. And they are all brand new, starts from SGD16.50. You can either purchase them online, or go down to the shop for collection. The location might not be easy to find, however I think still worth the effort.

The latest Apple design and integration – iPhone, MacBook and Apple Watch


I have been following Apple products since 2001. Started off from the very well-known iPod era which truly inspire me on how well technology and design can be combined to form a very good eco-system.

And now in 2016, we have iPhone 6S being your Smartphone, MacBook 2015/2016 being your “Everything Wireless” laptop, and Apple Watch being your Smartwatch. Over the years, we can see Apple continue to emphasize on its product design and integration, which make things work really easy for the users.

iPhone continue to evolve over the years, and now offering better screen display, more powerful processor, as well as different screen sizes. In terms of its software design, surprisingly nothing has change much, the layout pretty much remain the same, except for the icons look flatter and cleaner now. In terms of technology wise, its very matured now, and the software fluidity (swiftness and speed) is probably one of the best you can find in the market. It’s interesting to observe how Apple will push iPhone 7 and beyond to the next level…

As for the MacBook 2015/2016, I would say its another ultraportable which Apple always love to do, it started off from the Macbook Air, where the optical drive was removed completely. And now with MacBook 2015/2016, all the other ports are gone too except for one charging port (USB-C), and one standard 3.5mm audio port. So, how do you connect your devices to it? Thanks to Wifi technology, its everything Wireless now, Cloud storage to store your files, Airdrop to transfer files across different devices, Wireless headphone to listen to your music, App Store to download your software and etc.

Everything wireless is probably not something useful for mass market right now, however if you are just a casual computer users, who hated plugging in devices in and out of the computer, the concept of everything wireless will probably make your life easier. With the trend in the market now, the future is still about Wireless, we will continue to see more wireless products and services releasing into the market in the coming months.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the Apple Watch, I have yet to see its own potential yet. Yes, its a watch, notification device on your wrist, and it can also be your best companion for health and fitness, as it can track your movement, heartbeat and etc. And thats pretty much for now. Short comings, include limited battery life, have to connect to your iPhone to enjoy its full features, it doesn’t have a built-in GPS. Nevertheless, its still a very nice piece of work, which integrate very well with your iPhone, nice user interface + Crown dial to zoom in and out of the software. The watch is lightweight and allow users to customise the straps very easily. It’s still a bit early to determine the fate of this new gadget, however there is definitely more room for improvement, for the next version.

I would say, since the post Steve Jobs era (since 2011), we can still see some noteworthy innovation in some of the products, which include Force touch / 3D touch that added another layer of interaction to the devices, Touch ID to provide another faster and more secured option to unlock your iOS devices. New buttery mechanism on the MacBook 2015/2016 to improve your typing stability, uniformity, and control.

It’s interesting to see companies such as Apple, which continue to push product integration and design to its boundary, and enhance human interaction with Information Technology.

Top 3 Naoto Fukasawa product design that you will like

I have been fascinated by product design that blend into human life without much thought in it. Without thought, simply means it works as it is not much explanation is needed. There are tons of products by Naoto Fukasawa that I really like, however below are the top 3 I think its iconic enough to highlight them. Hope that you will find them interesting as well.

First of all, will be the Muji CD Player (2001), although CD is becoming less relevant to us now, however the concept of just seeing a CD hanging on a wall, and simply pull the string to play and stop the music’s just genius. I would call this a masterpiece.


The 2nd masterpiece will be the Twelve watch (2005) for Issey Miyake. There is no marking on the watch face, and the watch frame is crafted in cylindrical case to act as the minutes marking. There is so far no other watches that can come close to the simplicity of this watch.


Last but not least will be the Umbrella (2003) for +/-0 with a chip at the top, not much explanation needed here (see image below).


Naoto Fukasawa: Observing is who I am

Check out the latest interview by Naoto Fukusawa for Metropolis Mag. The celebrated Japanese designer muses on the similarities between design and soup making, the enduring relevance of “Super Normal”, and the power of observation.


Courtesy Naoto Fukasawa

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