Funko Pop! Vinyl: Taking cuteness to a whole new level

What Is A Funko Pop Vinyl?

A Funko Pop! Vinyl is a stylized vinyl collectible figurine manufactured by the Funko company in Everett Washington USA. They are identifiable by the uniquely embellished oversize heads on springs which bobble about when shaken (AKA: Bobble-Head). Not all the Pop Vinyls have bobbling heads, there are many with heads that are fixed firmly in place with glue.

Funko has licenses to produce 1000’s of different characters from Popular Culture like Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other pop culture entities. The best way to stay up to date is by following Funko’s official blog.

When talking about Funko Pop!, 3 things that pops into my mind are #1 – Cute!, #2 Quite Affordable, #3 Need to Control!.

Why cute? All of them have this big squarish head with big round eyes, that will capture your attention
Quite Affordable? Yes, normal Pops will cost around SGD 19.90
Need to Control? There are simply too many out there for you to collect, and its never ending. We need space too!

From what I have observed for the past one year, including myself – Funko Pop! succeeded in capturing the fans attention by making their favourite characters (fictional or non-fictional), into something that looks cute and yet affordable to buy. As a result, making the fans very hard to resist. And so once they started it, they will get hooked and wanted to complete the collection or more even more in the future.

Only this month, Funko HQ has just moved to Everett – Washington, and launches its first retail store. It’s a big move for the privately-held toy company that booked more than $425 million in revenue last year and has come out of nowhere since 2010 to challenge leading toy brands like Lego and Mattel.

With the dominant presence at comic, game and toy conventions worldwide and has cultivated a network of diehard fanatics and casual fans numbering in the millions, I strongly believe Funko will very soon be the largest toy maker company in the World. Below are some of the useful links you can find out more about Funko!

Useful Links:
Where to find and Buy Funko Pop in Singapore
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