Launched in 2004 as an online portal to showcase my personal work, as well as to blog about anything that inspire me! Looking back, it has been more than 15 years, since I started doing digital work…

However, for this year… I have decided to overhaul the look and feel, focusing more on the site content itself rather than the graphical elements.

The Universe theme still remain unchange, but the layout is kept to very basic, with more spacing in between texts, larger font size and most importantly making it more readable across different screens, from large 4K display all the way down to iPhone mini screen size. Thanks to HTML5 and CSS3, making the whole implementation process much more easier.

By adopting the Pinterest style layout approach, I hope to achieve the evergreen concept. Any featured or latest posts, will always remain at the top of the page.

Other than the website layout, I have re-designed the TYSOH.COM logo as well, using Helvetica font in bold, celebrating one of my all time favourite fonts, that never go out of style. Even in 2021, it still look very modern, minimalist and timeless..